Helloooo and welcome to the Life Without School podcast, where I help you and your children live the life you want to, not just the one you’re told you should.

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Issy Butson

Episode 18: The Big Home Education Questions Everyone Asks

Will your children be sheltered? How will you educate them properly if you’re not a qualified teacher? How will they get a good job when they grow up? Everyone who chooses a life without school will hear these kinds of questions at some point. They’ll come from friends,...

Issy Butson

Episode 16: On Being Their Coach, Not Their Teacher

Today, I want to talk about why I believe it’s so important that we – as home educating parents – play the role of coach, and mentor, and guide to our children. I want to take you through the simple, but powerful, framework Kate and I have used to help our...

Issy Butson

Episode 15: How To Make This Your Best Home Educating Year Yet

In this episode, I’m taking you through seven things that will help set your family up for the best possible home educating year. These are all things that, through years of experience and reflection, I’ve found contribute the most to balance, personal growth, and fulfilment in our home....

Issy Butson

Episode 14: The Gratitude Episode

The global home educating community has grown like crazy in 2021. More families are choosing a life without school than ever before, and it’s never been more important – as we go into the new year – to lift each other up, and encourage, and support, and inspire one another. Which...

Issy Butson

Episode 13: De-schooling Your Way To Educational Freedom

In this episode I want to help you build your de-schooling muscle. The process of taking everything you know about education, wiping your mental slate as clean as possible, and coming at the whole idea of how children learn as fresh as you can. To do that, I want to...

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