In this self-paced, 3-part online course we start by giving you a clean educational mindset. This fresh start allows you to design a version of home education that fits your family, just right. We then take a deep dive in your role as a home schooling parent, to help you coach and mentor to your children.

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Issy Butson

Part Three: Being The Coach (Not The Teacher)

In this session we look at how you can be your child's coach, rather than their teacher. I believe this is the best way to help your children really find themselves, and to flourish as independent learners.

Issy Butson

Part Two: Designing Your Life Without School

I believe we have the opportunity to provide our children with the right conditions to become the truest, best versions of who they were born to be. But that will only happen if we’re super intentional in setting up an environment which creates that outcome.

Issy Butson

Part One: De-schooling Your Mind

This is a critical process that all home educators must go through, if they want to be free to make the most of the experience, and to give their children the best shot at growing up to be autonomous, independent individuals.

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