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Issy Butson

The Home Schooling Parent's Comfort Handbook

There are days when you start to doubt what you’re doing, and home schooling feels stressful and difficult. If you’re having a moment, getting the wobbles, or feel flustered by questions from other people – this guide will give you a sense of comfort and calm.

Issy Butson

The Parent's Guide To Choosing A Life Without School

The words in this guide were born from big feelings I found myself trying to process when my children were young. Whatever your reason for landing here, this guide will help you put a finger squarely on why you feel the way you do.

Issy Butson

The Parent's Guide To Designing A Life Without School

Designing a Life Without School is a 70 page guide that will help give you direction and confidence. It shows you that a good home school lifestyle doesn’t happen on its own, it needs to be designed. And then it will help you do just that.

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