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Issy Butson

The Word 'Educate' Doesn't Mean What You Think It Does

I have a short but incredibly empowering tidbit for you today: If you look at most current definitions of the word ‘educate’, they will talk about the act or process of imparting knowledge or skill. They will focus on systematic instruction, teaching, and schooling. But the Latin word it came...

Issy Butson

Why Are You Still Sweating Over Academics?

What you think you need to teach your homeschooled children: math, science, history, language. What you really need to teach them: How to question How to explore How to communicate How to fail How to listen How to believe in themselves How to understand others How to respect differences in...

Issy Butson

Does Homeschooling Develop Resilience?

Yes, life can be hard. Yes, it will throw challenges at you. But many of the things we talk about as being hard when it comes to school don't transfer to navigating true, rewarding life challenges.

Issy Butson

Is School Just The Childhood Rat Race?

‘Escaping the rat race’ is held up as the pinnacle of freedom for adults. No more strict daily schedules to set an alarm for, no more time spent on work that has no meaning to us, no more grinding ourselves into the dirt for hours on end every day, week,...

Issy Butson

I Went To School And I Turned Out Fine

People tell us we’re overthinking life by choosing to home educate. That they have fond memories of their school years, and so do all their friends. They’ve turned out fine, and so will our children. We’re just complicating things. Of all the arguments against home education I...

Issy Butson

Does Homeschooling Shelter Children?

They say that homeschooling shelters children. That it creates a view of the world that is narrow and insular. They say that homeschooling isolates children. That it takes away their opportunity to interact with other people and places. They say that a homeschooled child isn’t living in the real...

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