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Issy Butson

Beating The Sunday Blues

On Sunday, almost three-quarters of the world’s working population will fall asleep dreading Monday. The solution starts in childhood.

Issy Butson

This Is Her Classroom

This is her classroom. And the local farmers’ market. The library. The museum. Skate parks. Forest trails. The swimming pool. Her dance class, karate dojo, gymnastics hall. Her friend’s house. Her own house.It changes and grows, organically, as she does. Her classmates are anyone she meets and spends...

Issy Butson

Are Homeschoolers Weird?

“I met a homeschooling family once, the kids were so weird!” Ever heard someone say that? Ever said it yourself? I get it - knowing that someone has taken a contrasting path through life can feel confronting, like their choices are directly questioning ours. It’s much more comfortable to...

Issy Butson

Why Being In The Moment Matters

Children are very good at being in the moment. Adults, usually, are not. Not because we don’t want to be, but because we don’t really know how to anymore. From a young age we’re continually asked to move on from moments we’d rather stay present in...

Issy Butson

Did Your Child Have A Say In Being Homeschooled?

“Did your children have a say in being homeschooled? If they decide they want to go to school at some stage, will you let them?”. I’ve been told that by home educating we’re depriving our children of choice. That as parents we’ve just walked down a path...

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