This is her classroom.

And the local farmers’ market. The library. The museum. Skate parks. Forest trails. The swimming pool. Her dance class, karate dojo, gymnastics hall. Her friend’s house. Her own house.It changes and grows, organically, as she does.

Her classmates are anyone she meets and spends time with. People of many ages, and from many backgrounds.

She does not associate learning with one physical space. It does not feel hierarchical or mandated. It is everywhere, all around her, all the time.

She does not associate her age with an expected level of academic progress. She doesn’t hate any ‘subjects’, because her interconnected world is not broken into them.

Her self-worth is not tied to external measures like grades or reports. Her motivation and confidence don't come from someone else’s assessment of her, but from within.

She has a say in how her days are paced, in what she spends her time doing, in who she spends her time with.

And none of that should ever change just because someone decides it’s time for her to be taught.

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